Leather Bracelet DIY

Hello!  I'm going to show you how to make a leather bracelet yourself!  Above are some of the items we'll be using today:  digital caliper, 3/4" English point strap end punch, rotary punch, rotary cutter, ruler, craftool pro burnishing awl, brass line 20 snaps, and a scrap of leather measuring 2" by 9".

Firstly, using the rotary cutter and ruler, cut off a side of the leather length-wise to give you a nice clean edge.  Then using a caliper or ruler, measure a width of 3/4" and cut a strap 3/4" wide.

With the English Point end punch, cut off one of the ends.

Punch a hole using the Rotary punch on the end you just stamped with the english point end punch.

My wrist measures 8" so I mark the next hole at 8.5" (adding 1/2" for comfort) and use a line 20 snap for a center-hole reference.

Stamp the English Point end punch on this other end.  Now you have the blank for your bracelet!

Set both the male and female line 20 brass snaps on both ends of the bracelet.  Since I have a Craftool Hand Press for my line 20 snaps, setting these snaps is easy.  I highly recommend getting one.  There are Multi Snap setter sets you can get online to hammer these type of snaps if you do cannot get a Hand Press and setters.

Your bracelet is done!  Now, you can choose to add a logo or initials to personalize the strap to your liking.  Other than that, I'd recommend throwing your new bracelet in the sun for a day or two, and use mink oil or neatsfoot oil to help the tanning process along.  For example, here's my personal bracelet after 6 months of daily use and some initial sun and oil treatments...

I really hope you enjoyed this DIY post.  I will be posting more DIY's like these as I have the time.  What did you think?  


Legacy Brand Leather - Year 4...

3 Years ago today, I got my first sale.  Now as I am entering Year 4, it's incredible to think about the amount of skills, projects, and different types of leather goods that I've accomplished over that time.  I really started leather crafting as a hobby.  I saw other people doing it online and thought, shoot, that looks like a ton of fun and like a craft I'd want to try out.  I did some leather crafting in Boy Scouts at a camp where I got my Leatherwork Merit Badge, but I didn't think much of it at the time. 

Now, I'm creating beautiful pieces that really showcase the amazing quality of the leather and provide a practical use to people all over the world.  My goal for this fourth year is to keep moving upwards.  That means that I want to take on bigger and more intricate projects.  Whether it's some bags, more craft fairs, or collaborating with other crafters; I want to stretch my skills to do something different.  It may be challenging, but that's the fun of it.  This is a longer post than I'd like to usually have, but I'm gearing up to the good bit... To celebrate entering my fourth year, I'd like to extend a 25% off discount store wide*.  Use coupon code "YEAR4" when checking out!  Help me make this year the biggest ever!  

*(Coupon code ends September 30th at midnight)

Steelhead Coffee

This Saturday, I visited Steelhead Coffee here in the California Heights neighborhood of Long Beach.  I chose to go here for the fact that they serve a great variety of roasted coffees, and that they are within 10 minutes from my apartment.  I grabbed my camera, my notebook and was on my way.  I had a few leather projects to hash out, and sometimes a change of scenery helps fuel the creativity.  As does as the caffeine.  I chose a cold brew from Huckleberry Roasters and was not disappointed.

Next time you're driving through Long Beach, stop by Steelhead Coffee!

Steelhead Coffee - California Heights

1208 E. Wardlow Rd.

Long Beach, CA 90807


Making a Pennant Flag - DIY

I've always loved pennant flags, whether for a baseball team, college football team, or even a circus that rolled into town.  I decided to try my hand at making one and knew I wanted to incorporate leather into the project as one of the main components of the construction.  

Pennant Flags typically measure 12" tall by 30" in length.  I have some gray wool felt lying around to be used for other projects and thought this would be perfect for the main body of the flag.  

I chose some 3-4 oz Natural veg-tanned leather for the logo and lettering.  After printing out the logo enlarged to fit on a 8.5" x 11" thicker 65 lb. printing paper, I cut out and made a stencil of the logo.  Similarly, I enlarged the script logo text for "Legacy" on a page and cut this out as well with scissors and an x-acto curved blade for the detailed bits.

Here are the main tools you'll need to complete a project like this.  X-acto blade, pen for tracing, scissors, and.... time.  It's tedious work, but the more detailed you are the better the project will turn out.

Once you've printed, cut your stencils, traced and cut your material, all that's left is to glue your pieces in place.  I chose to use a leather weld for my pieces.  Lastly, I cut a 12" by 3/4" strip for the edge of the flag to give it a look of stability.

This project took me about 4-6 hours... Yes, that's quite a bit of time.  Mostly because I traced the logo backwards, and forgot that when transferring you'll need to flip the logo depending on what side of the leather you want showing.  So... I did the logo twice.

But that's apart of the learning process when trying something new.  All in all, I'm looking forward to seeing how this leather will age over the course of the pennant flag's life and I hope to carry it with me wherever I set-up shop.

The Police Notebook Cover

One of the great things about working with leather is that there are incredible amounts of applications or custom designs to fit someone's needs.  A gentleman from Canada inquired about a leather police notebook cover to replace his current beat-up, standard issue cover.  The project sounded totally attainable and within my capabilities.

After some discussion, we decided on natural veg-tanned leather that would be dyed black with some Royal Blue Maine Thread Company .040" waxed polycord.  I loved the pop in color with the blue thread and this was one of the first times I've used Maine Thread Company before.  The notebook cover measured 3.750" x 11" and had slots to hold the notebook, a pocket on the inside for a laminated ID Card, and a pocket on the outside for a traffic template.  The front had the 5 digit badge number and LBL logo on the back.  Overall, I was very pleased with how this turned out and my customer loved the cover.  

Fund on Etsy - Crowdfunding pilot project

I'm excited to be one of the select few sellers participating in the new pilot project for Etsy called Fund on Etsy.  Head on over to my shop to check out the Leather Tote Bags!

I'm so thrilled and excited by the opportunity. My campaign is designed to offer Leather Tote Bags and Leather/Fabric Wallets at a discount in order to purchase new equipment to expand my workshop and make my vision possible.  Please take a look at my campaign and spread the word!  I need to reach my goal within 30 days in order to produce a single tote or wallet.

Here is the Etsy press quote:

“Fund on Etsy is a crowdfunding pilot program to help Etsy sellers grow their businesses and create new products. It has been envisioned as a way to expand the Etsy Economy, where creative entrepreneurs find meaningful work and thoughtful consumers discover and buy unique goods while building relationships with the people who sell to them. 

Funds raised through these products enable sellers to grow their businesses in various ways, from studio expansions to purchasing new tools to hiring a helping hand. Growth means different things to different people, and Fund on Etsy will allow sellers to continue to grow on their own terms. 

Etsy is always looking for new ideas to help its community of buyers and sellers connect in meaningful ways. Fund on Etsy is part of that vision, and we’re eager to share it with you. This is a journey not just for sellers, but also the greater Etsy community. Let the journey begin.”