Bifold - Russet Harness Leather

Bifold - Russet Harness Leather


This bifold is designed for those who want a wallet that will hold all their stuff and yet won't fall apart.  We've seen so many wallets from customers at craft fairs that are an abomination to the name and look more like a pile of rags than what might be considered a wallet.  So ditch the mess and get a classy, well made wallet!

This wallet features:

- 4 card slots optimal for 2-3 cards initially and more over time

- 1 large bill pocket


The wallet measures 4.5" wide by 3.5" tall by .5" thick when closed and 9" wide by 3.5" tall when open.


Here I’m using waxed white polycord from Maine Thread Company out of Lewiston, Maine USA. The thread here is .035” light-medium weight and is stitched using a Saddle-Stitch or Double-Stitch where two needles go through the same hole in opposite direction allowing for a stronger stitch than most commercial sewing machines. 


Here we're using Wickett & Craig's Russet Traditional Harness leather 3-4 oz thick.  Wickett & Craig is based out of Curwensville, PA, USA and here is a snippet about the traditional harness leather:

"Using an exclusive blend of waxes, oils and tallows, we hot stuff these leathers to bring out their inherent beauty. Through a traditional process called jack glazing, oils are brought to the surface to create a glossy finish that never mask the leather’s natural grain." - Wickett & Craig website




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