Black Leather Tote Bag

Black Leather Tote Bag

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This Black Leather Tote Bag is 100% hand-stitched from start to finish.  No machines were used during assembly.  

Ships within 2-3 days of purchase.  

  • The tote bag measures approximately 14" wide, 11" tall and 5" deep. The bag measures 20" from the bottom to the top of the handles.

  • The tote bag allows plenty of room for a wallet or clutch, make-up pouch, and a jacket.

  • A smaller pocket that measures 7" wide and 6" tall will easily fit a phone or small wallet. The interior smaller pocket also is stamped with our maker's mark, including the torch logo.

  • A brass swivel trigger snap near the top of the bag will also keep your keys close so you don't have to go digging for them.

  • Copper rivets are used to secure the leather handles to the main body of the bag.

The bag is made from 3-4oz thick Black Skirting leather from the over 150 year old tannery Wickett & Craig based out of Curwensville, Pennsylvania, USA.  This leather is vegetable tanned, a process that goes back thousands of years, and uses natural tannins that include bark of Mimosa and Quebracho trees, and from there the hide is then drum dyed to reach the desired color.  

Our thread is sourced from Maine Thread Company out of Lewiston, Maine, where they make some of the best waxed polyester cord we've gotten our hands on. This medium weight polycord is then used to sew the bag together with what's called the "saddle-stitch" or "double-stitch", where two ends of the thread are passed through the same hole twice, allowing for a stronger stitch than a common lock-stitch sewing machine.  How?  When a lock-stitch from a sewing machine breaks, the rest of the thread will start to pull apart, but if a thread breaks on a saddle-stitch, the other thread in that same hole keeps the stitching together, allowing your item to keep from falling apart.

Please contact us should you have any questions or concerns.


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