Leather Camp Stool in Chestnut

Leather Camp Stool in Chestnut

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Imagine you're out camping and you're setting up the campfire for the evening and you go to retrieve your camp chair only to remember that you couldn't fit it in the car, and now you're realizing the night's going to be spent sitting in the cold dirt. I can't tell you how many times I have traveled on a camp trip and either didn't have space for a camp chair or worse, forgot it.

The camp stool here is small and lightweight, easily packed in the back of the car for your next adventure. Here's the breakdown:
- 16" Tall with a 15" seat.
- Sturdy beech wood tri-leg assembly
- 8-10 oz thick Chestnut leather
- oiled with Mink Oil

The seat has been glued, hand-stitched with the saddle-stitch technique for a strong and long-lasting lifespan in mind, and burnished edges for a professional look and sleek feel.

Maximum recommended weight for the stool: 200 lbs (91 kg).

I hope you enjoy this on your next camping excursion!

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