Guitar Pick Holder - Toasted Coconut Dublin

Guitar Pick Holder - Toasted Coconut Dublin

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Showing up to practice without a guitar pick is really embarrassing.  Showing up to a gig without a pick? Forget it. Our guitar pick holder will have you covered so you'll never feel like your forgetting something as you face the music.

This Guitar Pick Holder will easily fit in your pants pocket or the side pocket of a gig bag. Made for musicians, the wear and tear on this pick holder will only add more character and warmth to the item over time.

Initially, the guitar pick holder will fit up to 10 standard sized guitar picks, and will allow more as the leather relaxes and wears-in.

The Guitar Pick Holder measures 2.250" wide by 2.750" tall when snapped shut and 2.250" wide by 4.250" tall when opened.



Made with 4-4.5 oz Horween Toasted Coconut Dublin, this leather is waxy and has a beautiful pull-up when stresses are put into the leather, giving it a marble look. 

"More rustic than our base Essex line, Dublin is a veg tan infused with a rich blend of natural waxes and then hot plated. It has all the supple characteristics of Essex with a darker surface color that showcases the natural grain.” - The Tannery Row



This is a waxed brown colored polycord from Maine Thread Company out of Lewiston, Maine USA. The thread here is .040” medium weight and is stitched using a Saddle-Stitch or Double-Stitch where two needles go through the same hole in opposite direction allowing for a stronger stitch than most commercial sewing machines. 



Burnished to a shine and for professional look, the edges are sealed with beeswax and finished with gum tragacanth to keep leather bits from coming off in your pocket or bag.

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