Mason Jar Sleeve - Russet

Mason Jar Sleeve - Russet


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Travel mugs - they all look the same. Enough is enough.

Similarly to King Leonidas, we're kicking all other travel mugs down a dark pit with our Russet leather Mason Jar Sleeve. THIS. IS. A BETTER TRAVEL MUG!

The Mason Jar Sleeve measures 3.125" tall by 8-12 oz thick, or 1/8" to 5/32" thick, and fits around a 16oz wide mouth mason jar, which comes with the sleeve.  

Yes, the Mason Jar is included!



The veg-tanned leather is from the world renowned Wickett & Craig tannery, founded in 1867 and based in Curwensville, Pennsylvania, USA.  The leather will be able to withstand a beating and only get better with age as your surfaces are protected.

The sleeve bears our new logo and will not be made without it.  We take pride in our vision and hope you will be inspired to pass the torch.



The sleeve can easily be removed from the mason jar by pushing the sleeve off the bottom of the glass.  If the sleeve itself gets dirty, take a damp cloth and lightly clean the surface of the leather.  It is not ideal to get the leather fully wet, however it will not ruin the leather.  Over time, the leather will darken and patina due to the exposure of oils in your hands and after using the jar, allowing for a rugged looking sleeve, which we find looks more and more badass.

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