Mouse Pad - Burgundy English Bridle

Mouse Pad - Burgundy English Bridle


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Ever wanted to give your desk a rugged mustache or beard? Well, that's basically what our Burgundy English Bridle leather mousepad is. Finally your lifelong dream can be achieved.

The mousepad is 7.5" tall by 8.25" wide with rounded corners.



Here is 6-7 oz thick (.093" - .109") Wickett and Craig Burgundy English Bridle Leather.

"Labor-intensive and incredibly appealing, English Bridle is a traditional leather with a variety of uses, from classic equestrian gear to high-end leather goods. Drum dyed and hot stuffed, English Bridle is smooth, flexible yet durable. " - Wickett and Craig website


We take pride in our product.  Please do not ask us to produce this mousepad without the logo.

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