Mouse Pad - Dark Cognac Dublin

Mouse Pad - Dark Cognac Dublin



Ever wanted to give your desk a rugged mustache or beard? Well, that's basically what our Dark Cognac Dublin leather mousepad is. Finally your lifelong dream can be achieved.

The mousepad is 7.5" tall by 8.25" wide with rounded corners.



Made with 4-4.5 oz Horween Dark Cognac Dublin, this leather is waxy and has a beautiful pull-up when stresses are put into the leather, giving it a marble look. Here are the specifics on what makes up Horween's Dublin leather:

  • Full Grain: Leather that has its surface left completely intact, showing all natural characteristics of the hide.

  • Vegetable Tanned: A tanning method that employs vegetable liquors derived from tree barks. This method of tanning is very traditional and takes longer to achieve than chrome tanning.

  • Aniline: Dyes and finishes that contain no pigment. When used on leather they provide a rich, clear stain that allows the natural character of the article to be seen.

  • Fat Liquored: Leather that has been nourished and conditioned with emulsified oils.

  • Pull-up: The temporary lightening of certain leathers when folded. This is caused by displacing oil and waxes.

"More rustic than our base Essex line, Dublin is a veg tan infused with a rich blend of natural waxes and then hot plated. It has all the supple characteristics of Essex with a darker surface color that showcases the natural grain.” - The Tannery Row


We take pride in our product.  Please do not ask us to produce this mousepad without the logo.

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