The Slider Wallet - Chestnut

The Slider Wallet - Chestnut


No need to get complicated.  Slide cards in, slide cards out.

At just $30, a nice handmade wallet doesn't need to be expensive to get the job done.

The Slider Wallet measures 3" wide by 4" tall and just under .25" thick.

Fits 5 cards initially and more as the leather wears-in and relaxes.


Here I'm using 3-4oz Chestnut Skirting Leather from the prestigious Wickett & Craig leather tannery based out of Curwensville, PA, USA.



This is a waxed white colored polycord from Maine Thread Company out of Lewiston, Maine USA. The thread here is .040” medium weight and is stitched using a Saddle-Stitch or Double-Stitch where two needles go through the same hole in opposite direction allowing for a stronger stitch than most commercial sewing machines.

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