Venturer Wallet - Chestnut

Venturer Wallet - Chestnut


Venture onward! 

What you carry with you says volumes about you. The wallet measures 4.375" tall by 6.750" wide when open flat and has 3" wide card slots to enable 2 cards in each slot initially and up to 3 cards when the wallet has worn in. 8 cards total initially! Cash can be folded in half and fit comfortably in either the left or right flaps for easy access.

Simply put, the Venturer Wallet is kickass.



Here is a 3-4oz Chestnut Skirting Leather from the prestigious Wickett & Craig leather tannery based out of Curwensville, PA, USA.



tHis is a white waxed polycord from Maine Thread Company out of Lewiston, Maine USA. The thread here is .040” medium weight and is stitched using a Saddle-Stitch or Double-Stitch where two needles go through the same hole in opposite direction allowing for a stronger stitch than most commercial sewing machines. 

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