We discovered using traditional hand-crafting techniques and quality materials actually mattered. Automating everything has lead to a decrease in quality; there's a reason Grandpa's wallet is still usable.

Throughout this journey we have unlocked a passion. A longing to create, and master this craft that has been passed down for thousands of years; and help bring it into the modern world. To look back on the history of humanity, and create something new. 

Our History

My name is Ted Atkins and I am the founder of Legacy Brand Leather.  

Ted Legacy Brand Leather

In 2001, I completed the Leatherwork Merit Badge at a Boy Scout camp retreat to Kern County. At the time I didn’t think much of leatherwork, or leather goods in general. I was really knocking off another Merit Badge that would help bulk up the miscellaneous required badges to later earn my Eagle Scout Rank, which I did in 2005.

Over the years, I discovered that the things I carried had a relatively short lifespan:  a Velcro wallet would come apart at the seams,  my faux leather messenger bag became tattered after a small snag, the leather wallet made with ultra thin leather wouldn't protect my cards as it wore in.  What I discovered was that I became accustomed to expecting this as the new norm; you buy a wallet and have to replace it in half a year when it disintegrates.  Wasting money on cheap items was embarrassing and even more costly.  What's worse is that I had no idea how to fix it.

Years later, I was introduced to Pinterest by my wife. Among the pins of amazing travel destinations, delicious looking recipes and DIY projects I began to feel drawn toward the idea of hand crafting leather goods with the purpose of creating durable and beautifully made items that will last a lifetime. What spawned from there was a passion to learn everything I could and do the research it would require to start my own small leather shop with the free time I had apart from my normal 8-5 job.  

This journey has been one of ups and downs, frustrations and blessings. I am grateful for my wife, Rachel, who bought me my first leather start-up kit over 6 years ago. And I am thankful for all the orders I have received and all the feedback I am still learning from.  

Now, my intent is to bring quality handmade leather goods that are both practical and minimal in design to the domestic and now international consumer.

The leather products in my shop are hand-cut and sewn, using traditional techniques that have been used for thousands of years.  There is something very special about giving a new life to this medium by using hand crafting techniques.

These items say something about you. They are both practical and stylish, bringing uniqueness to your ensemble and assisting you in your day-to-day life. Adding accessories like these warrant compliments and will also protect your possessions from wear or damage.

Thank you for visiting my shop and I hope you find something to bring home with you. Visit again!


Legacy Brand Leather