Customer testimonials


Russet and Black Tote Bag... 5/5 Stars!


"Lovely. Very well made. The leather is sturdy and will last for years. Perfect size tote-not too big, but plenty big enough. I also like it isn't heavy."

 - Pat in Tuscaloosa, AL

Guitar Pick Holder in Toasted Coconut

Guitar Pick Holder in Toasted Coconut is a 5/5 stars!

"I was incredibly impressed with the craftsmanship of this product. It looked very professional, from the stitching to the logo on the back and the clasp on the front. He also wrapped the product and tied it with twine. A nice touch! It came in the mail 3 days after I ordered it. I would definitely buy again from this shop."

- Jordan in Beverly, MA


Sunday Wallet in Dark Coffee Dublin... 5/5 Stars

"I have had the wallet for just over a month now and I absolutely love it. Japan is still a cash society so when I was looking for a minimalist wallet I needed a good "cash carry" function. The small detail I love is that the card pockets are oriented vertically versus horizontally. This allows more of a give in the mouth of the wallet to open wide enough to dig for coins. (In Japan the penny up to the $5 equivalent denomination is in coin format, making this a practically essential detail) The leather is strong and is getting a nice patina. Fast shipping and an excellent overall product and transaction."

- Susan in Ōme-shi, Japan