Legacy Brand Leather - Year 4...

3 Years ago today, I got my first sale.  Now as I am entering Year 4, it's incredible to think about the amount of skills, projects, and different types of leather goods that I've accomplished over that time.  I really started leather crafting as a hobby.  I saw other people doing it online and thought, shoot, that looks like a ton of fun and like a craft I'd want to try out.  I did some leather crafting in Boy Scouts at a camp where I got my Leatherwork Merit Badge, but I didn't think much of it at the time. 

Now, I'm creating beautiful pieces that really showcase the amazing quality of the leather and provide a practical use to people all over the world.  My goal for this fourth year is to keep moving upwards.  That means that I want to take on bigger and more intricate projects.  Whether it's some bags, more craft fairs, or collaborating with other crafters; I want to stretch my skills to do something different.  It may be challenging, but that's the fun of it.  This is a longer post than I'd like to usually have, but I'm gearing up to the good bit... To celebrate entering my fourth year, I'd like to extend a 25% off discount store wide*.  Use coupon code "YEAR4" when checking out!  Help me make this year the biggest ever!  

*(Coupon code ends September 30th at midnight)