Legacy Brand Leather - a new vision

Legacy Brand Leather

Legacy Brand Leather is focusing on a new vision.  Yes, we are still providing leather goods that are both practical and stylish, but why?  Legacy is about what we leave behind, whether good or bad.  It would be nice to think that we left behind something of value, something we can pass on.  Our new vision is about passing the torch to a new generation with a heart that inspires and encourages.  Ultimately, we'd like to equip you with the tools that not only enhance your day to day routine, but also tools that remind you to embolden and ignite passion in those you encounter. 

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 I know many really like the current logo that I've had for the last 3+ years, and I do to, however it often comes up in conversation with customers at fairs or among friends "what is that symbol? What does it mean?"  It really was a fantastic intertwining of the letters "LBL" into what became a maker's mark on the product.  But this started to itch at my subconscious...  "what does it really mean?" and "does this explain why people should purchase from Legacy Brand Leather?"  No, no it does not.  As many logos do, a logo can come into their own and represent the brand, however I've been yearning for a sort of design that begs the response "yes, I understand what that is and why"  which would easily be communicated through an accessible logo.  A few months ago I reached out to the very talented graphic designer Joshua Minnich, you can find his work @joshuaminnich, and we both settled on a fantastic concept. The initial idea behind Legacy Brand Leather was that we leave behind matters, but as the ideas came up we agreed on a more important message: it's about passing the torch, to spread the fire of inspiration and encouragement into someone's spirit.  This is the story I want to lead with.  My hope and dream is to inspire others when purchasing my product to remember to 'pass the torch' by encouraging and inspiring others.  

What will your legacy be?