5 Years & Working in the Shop - Legacy Brand Leather

Legacy Brand Leather - Shop views

There's something special about stepping into the shop and have that beautiful smell of leather hit your nose.  I often forget how incredible this venture is until I have a friend or family member step into the shop and... they just kind of stare... as if speechless, trying to take it all in.  In these moments, I'm often reminded of where I started leather craft journey, on a 2 foot by 4 foot table in my tiny studio apartment in Long Beach, CA...  

Old Legacy Brand Leather Shop

That's it!  Glad I was able to find a photo!  I'm grateful for all the support and encouragement I've received over these last 4 years... I'm now approaching year 5 of this venture.  And after recently deciding to dive headfirst into this, I'm reminded of these humble beginnings.  

Hand stitching

My hope is that I can bring more products to the market that truly improve the lives of those around the world not only in their strong visual aesthetic, but in their usefulness to the user.  Thanks for following me and supporting me on this journey. - Ted

Ted Legacy Brand Leather