Constructing the Seafarer Wallet


Today I'm going over a bit on how I constructed the new Seafarer Wallet.  This is not an in depth post, however I wanted to share a bit of the process photos constructing the leather wallet.  Firstly, I sketched out a rough design on paper, then transferred that to Adobe Illustrator, made templates that I printed out on thick card stock, cut the templates and then traced the design on the Horween Natural Dublin leather in order to craft wallet.  


I wanted to have a sort of wave shape to the pocket, which I was able to accomplish in Adobe Illustrator.  I am very happy with the results and also like the wave vs. fire aspect of the wallet, promoting a sort of 'balance' mindset.


Each stitch is made by hand. From start to finish, the wallet is crafted by hand.  Here is a demonstration of the saddle-stitch technique, where thread is stitched through the same hole in opposite directions for a stronger stitch than most commercial sewing machines.


I hope you've enjoyed this little window into the process of building one of our leather wallets.  This one is becoming a favorite of mine for it's rugged look and yet minimal design.  If you would like to purchase one, please follow the link below.  Thanks for stopping by!

The Seafarer Wallet in Natural Dublin
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