Making a Guitar Pick Holder - YouTube

I recently revamped the format for my YouTube Channel videos. Below is the new version of the Guitar Pick Holder crafting video. I’m not normally one to be in front of the camera. I’ve always been behind the camera, starting back in elementary school when I would mess around with my dad’s old Hi8 camera. Then I was behind camera all through film school and college as well. But alas, I realized that if I want to share more than just the process of crafting the item that I need to talk to you and share how I’m personally trying new techniques, what problem I’m solving with the design, or how I struggled through a new process.

Well, I hope you enjoy it. Please be sure to Subscribe to the YouTube Channel. That way you’ll be up to date on new videos. I already have the next one in the can. It’s gonna be a great one and you won’t want to miss it.