Saving a Beloved Wallet

Prescott Wallet

My friend Prescott reached out to me to see if could offer help.  He had grown to love his wallet he had bought years ago, which had served him well.  But, as most commercially produced items do, this wallet started to fall apart at the seems, literally.  Initially Prescott was going to just go for a regular Legacy Brand Leather design, but as we started talking I could sense that he wished he could just have the same wallet.  We worked together to get the dimensions correct and discussed all the small details that could bring a similar design, if not the same, back to life.  Here are the results:

These first two photo show the old wallet that was falling apart.

Initial Design
Prescott old wallet

Then we moved onto some of the design sketches that incorporates the sizing.


From there, the sketches are placed into Adobe Illustrator where the templates will be made from and the piece will come to life.

Illustrator Template 1
Illustrator Template 2

After that, it was just the construction.  I didn't grab any photos mid-construction, but here's the finished result!

Prescott Wallet 1
Prescott Wallet 2
Prescott Wallet 3
Prescott Wallet 4
Prescott Wallet 5

After the thought that a wallet would be lost forever, we were able to recreate the design and put our own spin on it.  Prescott was extremely happy and started using the new wallet immediately.  For those who are curious, Prescott chose the Horween Dark Coffee Dublin Leather and brown waxed polycord from Maine Thread Company.

Thank you for joining me on this custom wallet design.  I hope you've enjoyed it. This is not a current stocked design, however if you are interested in this wallet, please reach out to us!