Fund on Etsy - Crowdfunding pilot project

I'm excited to be one of the select few sellers participating in the new pilot project for Etsy called Fund on Etsy.  Head on over to my shop to check out the Leather Tote Bags!

I'm so thrilled and excited by the opportunity. My campaign is designed to offer Leather Tote Bags and Leather/Fabric Wallets at a discount in order to purchase new equipment to expand my workshop and make my vision possible.  Please take a look at my campaign and spread the word!  I need to reach my goal within 30 days in order to produce a single tote or wallet.

Here is the Etsy press quote:

“Fund on Etsy is a crowdfunding pilot program to help Etsy sellers grow their businesses and create new products. It has been envisioned as a way to expand the Etsy Economy, where creative entrepreneurs find meaningful work and thoughtful consumers discover and buy unique goods while building relationships with the people who sell to them. 

Funds raised through these products enable sellers to grow their businesses in various ways, from studio expansions to purchasing new tools to hiring a helping hand. Growth means different things to different people, and Fund on Etsy will allow sellers to continue to grow on their own terms. 

Etsy is always looking for new ideas to help its community of buyers and sellers connect in meaningful ways. Fund on Etsy is part of that vision, and we’re eager to share it with you. This is a journey not just for sellers, but also the greater Etsy community. Let the journey begin.”