The Police Notebook Cover

One of the great things about working with leather is that there are incredible amounts of applications or custom designs to fit someone's needs.  A gentleman from Canada inquired about a leather police notebook cover to replace his current beat-up, standard issue cover.  The project sounded totally attainable and within my capabilities.

After some discussion, we decided on natural veg-tanned leather that would be dyed black with some Royal Blue Maine Thread Company .040" waxed polycord.  I loved the pop in color with the blue thread and this was one of the first times I've used Maine Thread Company before.  The notebook cover measured 3.750" x 11" and had slots to hold the notebook, a pocket on the inside for a laminated ID Card, and a pocket on the outside for a traffic template.  The front had the 5 digit badge number and LBL logo on the back.  Overall, I was very pleased with how this turned out and my customer loved the cover.  

UPDATE: 6/20/18

We're adding a video of a recently crafted Police Notebook Cover (Below).  Enjoy!

UPDATE: 10/15/18

We’ve created a listing for the Police Notebook Cover to purchase directly from our shop! (below)