The Leather Tote Bag


Recently, our friends Ben and Kadin of took two of our leather tote bags to take some photos.  Ben mentioned that he thought a few spots in Newport/Laguna would be great to do some product photography.  The following photos are just a few of our favorites. Enjoy!


We love the photos!  Please take a moment to visit Ben and Kadin's website for more info about their photography,

If you like either of these bags, they are available for purchase in the following links.  Each bag is 100% handcrafted in our shop located in Orange, CA, USA - this means the totes are all hand-cut and hand stitched, no machines were used in the crafting of these bags. 

And remember, 10% of each sale's profit goes toward charity!  Pass the torch.

Leather Tote Bag - Chestnut
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